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firstcare employment pte ltd
firstcare employment pte ltd

Recruitment & training of workers

  • Continually carry out recruitment exercises to ensure we always have a strong pool of candidates with unique capabilities. 
  • Vocationally train all candidates before recommendation. 
  • Thoroughly test all candidates’ intelligence, skill and personal attributes.

Appointment, understanding the business employer's needs

  • We will conduct an appointment with business employer to understand their needs, and assist in the recruitment of worker(s). 
  • Listen and analyze the business employer’s requirements of workers’ technical knowledge and prerequisites. 
  • Advise the business employer the Key Employment Terms according to Ministry of Manpower.

Selection and evaluation

  • Verify the workers’ academic qualifications, working experiences, language skills and personal attributes. 
  • Pre-screen and shortlist candidates to match the business employer’s requirements. 
  • Prepare and provide the candidates' resumes for review and consideration. 
  • Arrange a webcam-interview or in-person interview for both the employers and the candidates.

Documentation and submission of work pass application

  • Explain to selected candidates the contractual terms of employment thoroughly. 
  • Prepare all the required documents for submission work pass application.

Preparing for worker's arrival

Before the worker arrives: 
  • Inform business employer to buy a security bond (for non-Malaysian workers). 
  • Inform business employer to buy medical insurance and work injury compensation insurance for the worker. 
  • Arrange the workers’ arrival air ticket and the accommodation as approved by relevant authority.

After the worker arrives:

  • Send the worker to go for a medical examination. 
  • Send the worker to attend the courses (when required). 
  • Orientate the worker on Singapore culture, living styles and work attitude.

After-sales services

  • Gather feedbacks from both the employers and the workers. 
  • Meet the workers to advise them on their shortcomings upon the employer's request. 
  • Arrange for repatriation if the worker is found unsuitable to fit the job position or upon the workers’ employment contract expires.