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HR Expertise and Guidance

Our HR Advisory Services offers assistance across a variety of knowledge-base platforms exclusively to our benefits clients.  

Operational Human Resource Advisory

i. Preparation of employment contracts which would contain terms of employment that are consistent with local employment laws and regulations on appropriate staff benefits such as annual leave, medical leave, transport reimbursement, hours of work, overtime, rest days and termination letters etc.

ii. Advise on market salaries and appropriate statutory contributions such as CPF contributions, Skills Development Levy (SDL), Foreign Worker Levy, Income Tax and Insurances.

iii. Provide advice on organizational structure and processes which include appropriate staffing requirements, preparation of accurate job description / job responsibilities, recruitment and selection process.

iv. Provide advice on employment cessation procedures  such as Tax Clearance submission and resignation processing.

Employment Practices

Provide advice and guides to SMEs on applying to the Employment Act or other related employment laws for specific situations, including update on changes in statutory obligations such as CPF Contributions, Skills Development Levies and Foreign Worker levies.

Training & Skills Development

Identify training needs of each employees and suggest appropriate training courses to attend including assistance with regard to registration for courses.

Employee Relations & Retention

i.  Provide advice on salary-related claims and employment disputes, handle disciplinary and personal grievances management.

ii.  Provide advice on programs for employees well-being and work-life balance.