Employment Pass - Before you applyFixed Monthly Salary"Fixed monthly salary" means the sum of basic monthly salary and fixed monthly allowances.Basic Monthly Salary"Basic monthly salary" means all remuneration payable monthly to a foreign employee that does not vary from month to month on any basis* in respect of work done under his contract of service. However, basic monthly salary does not include:Any allowances however described;Any form of overtime** payment, bonus, commission or annual wage supplements;Any in-kind payments;Any form of reimbursements, including for expenses incurred by an employee in the course of his employment;Any productivity incentive payments;Any contributions payable by the employer to any pension or provident fund, including any contributions made on the employee’s behalf; orAny gratuity payable on discharge, retrenchment or retirement of the foreign employee. Fixed Monthly Allowances"Fixed monthly allowances" means all allowances payable monthly to a foreign employee that do not vary from month to month on any basis*, for example fixed food and housing allowances. Fixed monthly allowances may not include any payments listed in (b) to (g) above. * For example, such amounts must be payable regardless of employee or company performance, and regardless of whether the employee takes medical or personal leave. ** For employees covered by Part IV of the Employment Act, overtime means the number of hours worked in any one day or in any one week in excess of the eight hours in one day or 44 hours in one week. What can be counted in Fixed Monthly Salary? YesNoBasic Salary✓ Fixed Monthly Allowances✓ Variable Allowances ✗Bonus ✗Annual Wage Supplement ✗Productivity Incentive Payments ✗Value of any In-Kind Payments ✗Commissions ✗Overtime Pay ✗Reimbursements ✗Gratuity/Retirement/Retrenchment Benefits ✗Contributions by Employer to Pension/Provident Funds ✗